Basement Finishing Denver, Colorado

Affordable Basement Finishing Company has been doing business in Denver and the surrounding areas for over 30 years.  Our strength and our passion are basements and we are proud of what we do for all of the areas that we serve, not only in Denver, but in Colorado.  We have put together this list of things to do in Denver as we want to promote our great city and it’s surrounding areas!


About Denver

Denver is the state capital and is the most populated city in the great state of Colorado.  According to the census in 2018 the population of the city is over 716,500, making it the 19th most populated city in the United States.  It should be mentioned however, that the entire metropolitan area of Denver is around 2.8 million people.  Denver is named after James W. Denver who was a governor of the Kansas territory.

Neighborhoods In Denver

The city and County of Denver has defined 78 official neighborhoods that the city and other community groups use for planning and administration.  The neighborhoods are not to be confused with the other surrounding suburbs and cities such as Erie, or Thornton.  

The city itself has a fantastic guide to each of the neighborhoods located here:

The People of Denver

Like most cities today – Denver is simply a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities.  While most people are friendly you have to remember that this isn’t the South and you will not experience that same Southern Hospitality if you are coming from one of those states.  Like other cities that are close to the mountains, people want to know what places that you’ve skied, trails that you’ve hiked, and rivers that you’ve floated.  Because people move to Denver from all over the country and even the world, the city is ever changing and what is true today might not be true tomorrow.

Denver Job Market

According to U.S. News, Denver’s job market is simply healthier than similarly sized metro areas – scoring a 7.9 out of 10 in the Job Market Index.  The universities that are in Denver and the surrounding area such as, University of Colorado and University of Denver, provide a rich culture of innovation and research jobs to the market.  Unemployment in Denver is lower than the national average with no signs of that changing.  

City of Denver

Denver Skyline

Places to Visit In Denver

Because Denver is such a large city it is easy to get lost in all of the fun and exciting things that you can do.  We have compiled a list of great things to do when you are looking to explore the area.

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater

If you have yet to visit the Red Rocks Amphitheater you are missing out!  Located 15 miles outside of the city this massive structure is a sight to be seen.  If you are into music and have to chance to go to a concert here you are definitely in for a treat as these rocks really glow.  Along with the amphitheater itself, there are also a ton of great trails surrounding the area that are great for walking and riding your bicycle.

Denver Art Museum

Art and culture is always in style at the Denver Art Museum.  With art collections ranging from Asian, Native America, and African – there really is something for everyone at this museum.  You will spend hours walking around and viewing the different collections and you will not be disappointed.  There are always traveling exhibits at the museum so be sure the check their website for the latest:

Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo is a great place to visit and a one of a kind family experience.  It has lions, tigers, bears, and even Hippos!  This zoo is Accredited and the exact opposite of everything you’ve watched on the Netflix documentary – Tiger King.  If you are looking for a fantastic place to take the kids or even just on a day date with you and your spouse, the Denver Zoo is the place to be.

Map of Denver