Barn Doors

These days, prospective home buyers look for something unique to help them decide on their dream home. With so many “cookie cutter” homes out there, finding something as standout as a finished basement (with all the amenities) could be the key factor in one of these buyers purchasing your home before they settle for the ordinary. Imagine the amount of charm (and equity) you can wow guests and buyers alike with a locally crafted barn door that slides open into a stunning view of a game room, wet bar, or personal fitness room! Much like a secret entrance to a speakeasy, these doors offer a classy and rustic use of space, while creating an air of secrecy and separation from the main living area.



Optimal Space Utilization

One defining feature this style of door can bring to light is optimal space utilization. The average square footage used by a traditional hinged door is 10-14 feet. As a door swings open or close, the areas in front and back of this are often compromised to allow for a clear path of the panel. Meaning, one cannot place any furniture or decorations in these areas without blocking the means of egress. A barn style door is not limited by this design characteristic, and as such, offers a different way to bring an aesthetic together!

Small touches like this are a creative way to boost home value, encourage higher sale possibility, and break your home out the mold that so many modern homes are viewed in. Affordable Basement Finishing specializes in these refined and personalized add-ons and has a variety of options to take of advantage of. Let us help you create your perfect at-home getaway, or better yet… Let us help you increase the value of your home! Barn doors, floating walls, the possibilities are endless.