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In many cultures, the bathroom is much more than a place to bathe or take care of your “business”. The history of “baths” recalls communal hot springs and Roman bathhouses where political deals changed the course of human development. Bathrooms are a place to find solace and relaxation. They are a place to reset from the day and calm yourself before crawling into bed.

The importance of having a Basement bathroom that creates peace within you cannot be overstated. However, that cannot happen if your head is filled with frustration or distress when you think of your basement bathroom. Do not be overly concerned. With a little remodeling that basement bathroom can transform into the relaxation spot that you seek.

When It’s Time To Remodel Your Basement Bathroom

You have recently allowed your freshly graduated cousin, Mary, to move into your basement after college as she gets her career going in Denver. Mary’s boss asked her to stay late at work to finish a report so he can go over it tonight before she presents it the next morning. Mary knows it’s important so she obliges but in the back of her head, she was thinking about whether she would still hit the gym before heading home. Given her stalwart nature, she finished the report and got in her workout. As she walks into your house, all she can think about is sinking into a hot bath.

unfinished bathroomYou can see how exhausted she is as she walks through your foyer and down the stairs to the basement. All you can think about is her opening the basement bathroom door and a wave of disappointment crashing over her. Sure, you are doing her a big favor by letting her stay and she is paying you rent, but she deserves way better than that tiny basement bathroom.

The fluorescent light above the sink lights up the worn down linoleum like an underfunded city hospital room. You picture her shrugging it off and filling the tub with steaming water. Whoever put in the toilet so close to the tub should be fired you think as she places the lid on the seat. She settles down into the tub… as much as she can.

It’s so small that you wonder why they put in a stand-alone shower instead of just a larger tub. Most of her legs rise above the water like icebergs because she can’t stretch them out so she constantly switches submerging her feet and her legs to keep them warm. What was supposed to be her one relaxation moment of the day has become just another exercise in toleration. Any of this sound familiar? If so, it’s probably time for a bathroom remodel.

What Exactly Can Be Done With A Basement Bathroom?

You’ve seen countless gorgeous basement bathrooms in your life that you wish were your own but you have no idea where to start! How about the flooring? There are a number of options to update that worn linoleum flooring that has taken on a strange tan color. One great option to go with is stone tiles. They create an elegant ambiance while giving your feet the feeling of scrambling around boulders at the base of a Hawaiian waterfall. Or you could go with dark wood slats that create a peaceful resonance in the room like the nearly imperceptible hum of an opera house.

clean basement bathroom

Perhaps it’s time to toss that old standalone sink and plain rectangular mirror above it in lieu of a single sink/mirror/cabinet piece. There are bountiful options here as well such as a white stone backing on which to place the large framed mirror that extends all the way to the granite cabinet that contains expansive storage space and the lustrous steel sink.

The simple stand-alone shower contained in glass marred with scratches is barely big enough for you to bend over to scrub your feet. At the same time, the aforementioned bath can only allow 60% of your body to be submerged. Baths really aren’t that important to you. It’s time to lug that old tub out of there, dismember the glass around the shower, and remove the porcelain shower flooring. You deserve that large buffed stone shower that you’ve always dreamed about complete with rain-drop showerhead and granite bench to relax in the hot steam.

Then again, a hot bath with a glass of wine and the latest romance novel with the Fabio look-alike on the cover is just about Mary’s favorite thing on the planet. Let’s trash that old shower and bathtub completely then install a huge two-person bathtub housed in beautiful Spanish tiles. Hot bath paradise, check!

Professional Bathroom Finishing & Remodeling Done To Your Desire

Don’t let your family or tenants feel the disappointment of an unfavorable basement bathroom again. Our Basement Bathroom builders are true artists and will help you create the Spa-like beautiful basement bathroom you’ve always wanted. At Affordable Basement Finishing, we can transform your basement bathroom with low impact, affordable cost, and efficiency. While you’re planning your basement bathrooms, it might be a good time to think about the layout of your basement kitchen or dry bar as well.

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