Adding A Home Gym To Your Basement In Denver, CO

Are you currently a gym goer? Are you tired of battling the crowds, waiting your turn to use equipment, or tired of paying monthly membership dues – especially if you do not even regularly attend? Have you considered adding a gym to your home in order to support your health and wellness goals? Depending on the condition of your current basement, you will either need finishing or remodeling. Every home comes with unique challenges when developing a home gym.

Basement finishing is when your basement is structurally complete, with drywall and proper flooring, but basically needs some improvements to complete the space. Paint, trim, light fixtures, shelves, and racks can improve functionality.


If your basement lacks electric, plumbing, heating and cooling systems, or work on the foundation, it will necessitate a remodel. Remodels can be tricky since they require professional knowledge of building codes and complex construction.

No matter your basements current condition, a professional basement finishing and remodeling company can help.

Benefits Of A Basement Home Gym

Many people find home gyms to be beneficial in gaining optimal health. With a home gym, you now have clean and comfortable space where you can work-out in peace. Have you ever felt gyms are dirty or smell bad? Sanitary issues are common in big commercial gyms, and members can contract staph infections, colds, or more serious viruses like influenza by sharing dirty equipment. Illness can distract you from your health and wellness goals. By creating your own home gym, you can be confident with the cleanliness of the equipment you work out with.

Secondly, by finishing or remodeling your basement, you increase the functional space of your home. The added square feet and finished space increase your home’s value. Did you know that having a gym in your home can set your house apart from other properties, should you decide to sell? These add a desirable design to your house.

There are a few factors you want to consider as you plan your basement finishing or remodel for a gym. What is your budget? What are your fitness goals? How much space do you have, and what is needed to maximize the functionality of the room? A professional basement finishing and remodeling company will help you organize your concept to meet your needs from start to finish.

Basement Home Gym Ideas

You can create a home gym which will help you meet all your fitness goals when you partner with a professional basement finishing and remodeling company. A professional has the insight and knowledge to complete your idea from start to finish.

Home gyms have many advantages, but most importantly they provide a focused area for you to practice your fitness routine. Eliminating the noise, distractions, and filth of commercial gyms, home gyms can help maximize your athletic ability.

home-gym-3Perhaps your home gym is simply a room with some weights. Or, maybe you prefer an area for dance and aerobics. Will your home gym have a separate basement bathroom and shower to allow for easy clean up after an intense workout session? A professional basement finishing and remodeling company will help you develop a concept and provide a clear image of your optimal gym setup.

Many home gyms are connected to Wi-Fi in order to provide access to music, work-out videos, or podcasts. How well does your phone connect to the internet while in your basement? Will you need added connectivity? How many sockets are needed for your exercise equipment and where should they be located? Will you want to mount a television, so you can follow along with a video on demand exercise class? It is important to consider the utilities your home gym will need before you get started. Sometimes it is not as easy as hauling in and setting up equipment.

A professional basement finishing and remodeling company will explore all options and will help customize your gym, meeting the specifications of your specific layout.

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