Adding An Entertainment Center Or Home Theater To Your Basement In Denver, CO

You just purchased a new house with an unfinished basement or, maybe, construction has just finished on your dream house but that basement is just waiting to turn into your favorite place in your new home. You have already figured out where the bathroom and bar are going, but there is much more space for you to let your dreams come to fruition. For you, the perfect evening is watching a favorite film with your partner and the kids. In your mind, there is only one thing to do with that extra basement room; build your cinematic paradise!

Entertainment Centers

new home theaterYou like the idea of an open finished basement plan where you can grab a drink from the basement wet bar and walk right back over to settle back into the couch for the rest of the movie or game but you still want your entertainment area to be utterly impressive. We can design the perfect entertainment center for you!

Imagine a brick wall backing with two huge white wood towers with plenty of shelf space full of your favorite Blu-Rays or sports memorabilia making up the wings on either side. Your 72-inch 4K TV fits perfectly right in the middle. This is your happy place. No wonder you didn’t even have to bring up watching the big game at your place. Your friends never forgot the last game and approached you as a group to house the Super Bowl party!

Home Theaters

Then again, a sweet entertainment center and den area just are not enough for you. I mean, you can quote almost every line in each Lord Of The Rings movie. Sounds to us like a serious home theater is the perfect build for your basement.


Imagine opening the black double-doors to your private home theater. As you enter, the first thing your eyes are drawn to is that epic ceiling built to look like an open starry-sky. Your three kids zoom to the three-seat fluffy leather couch in the front as you and your partner make your way up that single step (you have to have that stadium seating, right?) to the massive matching leather loveseat in the back.

You pick up your smart remote and tap a button on the LED screen. Your huge projector screen whispers as it slides down into view. With another tap of a button, your cinema lights dim as the track lights along the floor begin to glow faint silver. Now you fire up your beastly 4k projector and your incredible 7-piece surround sound system booms just like you are sitting in a real IMAX theater as the ever-recognizable movie studio logo appears and the theme trumpets all around you. All you can think is that this is it; you’ve made it.

Basement Home Theater Finishing Services

At Affordable Basement Finishing Co, we love kicking back and watching that big screen just as much as you! Our team has created countless entertainment centers and home theaters for ecstatic customers. We want to help design and build yours! Give us a call today to get started on that cinematic paradise!

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